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Each of us carries a myriad of details and nuances about our lives. We hold on to thousands of tales about our families, relationships, businesses, careers, the societies in which we reside, our past selves, and about plans for the future.   


Most of these thumbnails float into the background, awash in our daily existence, but the relevant pieces are compiled into our memories. We hold on to the shining highs, low-lows, valuable lessons, and the interesting snippets in between.


The stories that emerge from our memories and the cultural soup define who we are. Sometimes, our stories are plainly obvious, and other times, the significance of our tales comes only after a period of reflection and contemplation.


However they unfold, everyone has a story to tell. The trick is just how it’s told.


While it’s nice to share stories with friends around a cozy fireplace, involving ourselves in the digital world is becoming more and more relevant. For established businesses and entrepreneurs, and among our social groups, the digital medium is outpacing the analog past.


As we progress further into this age, sharing our stories online is becoming an increasingly

valuable thing to do. While updating a Twitter feed and making blog posts help us stay current and to communicate the latest news, a well-crafted narrative conveys a complete image of a person, event or phenomenon. Unlike the meaning deduced from various web-snippets, a story is a complete and clear picture.

The story is as compelling a medium as ever in the often fractured communication that prevails today.